Perceptive Evolution offers a safe and judgement free space to initiate healing from a mind, body, soul perspective.

I aim to assist you in creating ease and harmony as you transition through different phases of life and overcome traumas or adversities that you may have experienced in your lifetime.

The key to healing is uncovering the origin so that we can recognize how our behaviours and lifestyles have been generated over a period of time so can end the cycle and progress into the new.

Life is about evolving and growing through the things we go through - let the journey of self-awareness and wholeness create new pathways for you!

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Services & Pricing

Intuitive evaluations can be completed on anyone at anytime and can be completed anywhere in the world with as little information as your first name. The aim is to provide services that resonate with my clients to obtain the greatest benefits.

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What Is Medical Intuition?

Medical Intuition falls under the umbrella of Energy Medicine. Energy Medicine is the art and science of working the natural subtle energies of the body to empower the individual to align with health, vitality and well-being.

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The Good Stuff...

With so much information available at our fingertips, it can become a little overwhelming in the search of information and education. Click the button below to stay in the loop of what has resonated with my vision or has given me inspiration.

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Perceptive Evolution's Mission

Perceptive Evolution was created from the love in my heart and the desire to transform the way we perceive our world. I aim to help my clients evolve to a space where they believe they can control their lives in all aspects and understand their experiences fully to get the best out of life.


At the center of your being you have the answer;You know who you are & you know what you want.

— Lao Tzu


A Space You Can Believe In

I believe one of my gifts is my ability to connect with people around the world and I wish to be a catalyst for change and growth. With overwhelming gratitude I thank my clients who have been willing to share their experience.