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Lindsay Bil
Certified Medical Intuitive

Hello! I am Lindsay, the soul behind Perceptive Evolution. If you have found yourself on my page, we were likely meant to cross paths - lets get to know one another!

I am a Certified Medical Intuitive and Instructor of Medical Intuition. I completed my two years of training in Vancouver, BC before instructing a Medical Intuition Program in New York City, NY. I have recently teamed up with “Shifting Into High Gear” as an instructor and continue to train Medical Intuitives across North America.

My fascination for the mind and body connection started from a very young age, truly believing that our bodies are capable of miraculous things if given the opportunity. I was never one to settle for status quo and found myself always pushing boundaries and questioning what we deemed to be ‘true’. It wasn’t until my early 20’s that I began to truly acknowledge the spirit as a missing piece to the mind, body connection, when my experiences forced me to stop and analyze this aspect of my life. Through many trials and tribulations my connection to spirit began to develop and I quickly became passionate and driven to understand how the mind, body and spirit all correspond and how this connection is an imperative factor in our ability to evolve.

Medical Intuition is more than just a modality for healing, it is a lifestyle. You may initially come for a session but you will stay for the journey. I believe the key to healing is learning how to operate from a place of wholeness; operating equally from all aspects (mind, body, spirit). In order to accomplish this, we must remember what it was like to be whole, reconnect with that version of ourselves and take action towards maintaining that balance and harmony.

My goal with my clients is to help them meet themselves on a deeper level, to give them the insight and tools that they require to reach their highest potentials and to meet them where they are at on their journey and hold space for them as they evolve.

Welcome to Perceptive Evolution, thank you for being here, I cannot wait to get to know you!

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