Frequently Asked Questions


I want you to be as informed as possible throughout the process. Here are a few questions I've received in the past.

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What is “Energy Work”?

Energy work is a broad term and can be broken down into many different methods however, all forms of energy work come from the same foundation, which is to hone in on the subtle frequencies of our bodies, to interpret the data being transmitted and to create balance and flow within these frequencies.

When flow is created and maintained, the ideal environment to thrive is presented within us.

What is Medical Intuition?

Medical intuition is a form of energy healing where we hone in on the subtle frequencies of our clients to obtain the information that has been stored in the energy bodies and offer insight and guidance as to help generate flow and restore balance within the body.

What I have come to understand is that the way to reconnect is to understand the journey of disconnection; which is done through the process of deconstructing the current level of inter-connectivity (mind, body, soul connection). Its kind of like the saying “to get to where you want to go, you have to know where you came from”.

Each and every experience we have undergone in our lives, is recorded within the cellular and energetic memory of our bodies, even if our conscious mind does not recollect the event.

When the experience initially took place, our body does what it is designed to do and generated an automatic response to the emotion that this event created. Moving forward, if we have not dealt with the emotion linked to that experience, it becomes our bodies natural response to produce the same chemical/energetic response each and every time that emotion is triggered.

By going through the deconstruction process, we are able to pin point the events that created these unfavourable responses and allow that energy to flow again by simply understanding the emotion that is connected to the experience.

Medical Intuition is designed to be incorporated and used in conjunction with your medical regime, to heal the physical, emotional and energetic bodies simultaneously.

Leaning into intuition…

Intuition is our innate sense of direction, direction in the bigger sense, direction through life. It’s the little voice in our head, the pit in our stomach and the expansion in our heart, it’s the signs around us and within us that connect us to ourselves and everything around us.

Our intuition communicates differently for all of us but communicates in a way that would feel most authentic to who we are. This is why coming into alignment is so fundamentally important for the strengthening of this connection. When we operate authentically from a place of wholeness, we become our most familiar selves, creating an environment that is conducive to our own personal growth and the connection to our intuition.

 How can Medical Intuition Benefit me?

Medical Intuition can be beneficial for anyone and everyone - there has not been a person to date that has not benefited from a deeper awareness about themselves and how they operate in relation to the mind, body, soul connection.

Whether you are transitioning through different phases of life, experiencing deep trauma or disease or are simply looking to come to a greater awareness of yourself, medical intuition can transform your journey. The body is designed to be a self-regulating system and through Medical Intuition we give space for healing and self-regulation to occur.

Transformation and healing can happen instantaneously when the origin is discovered and brought to awareness.

How does one tune in to these frequencies?

Believe it or not, tuning in to these frequencies is one of the most innate connections we can make. We are born in harmony with these frequencies, knowing how to interpret them and being aware of the slightest shift within them. These frequencies are what bridge our mind, body and soul; it is the universal language that naturally connects all things.

We are all born with the knowledge and ability to tune into these deeper aspects of ourselves, however, due to life experience and training of our minds, we become disconnected from these subtle frequencies. Tapping into these frequencies is quite simple actually; it may just take time and practice to once again become familiar to the feeling.

By coming back into wholeness; equal parts operating from mind, body and soul, we allow all aspects of ourselves to become aware of what is taking place in each level of our being, thus regenerating the connection to these subtle frequencies.

How do you “tune in” to someone remotely?

When I say tune-in, what I mean is creating a connection, energetically, between myself and my client.  From the moment that an assessment is requested, the initial connection is created. I deepen the connection by setting the intention for the information that I am looking to receive and allow the information to flow in.

Now, here’s where it gets fun - each of us will receive information differently, there really is no right or wrong way to receive data, it is individually unique and how we interpret it will be equally as diverse as each one of us.

Energy is not bound by physical limitations of time or distance so the physical body is not required for this connection to occur. I like to think tuning in can be as simple as making a phone call or sending a text or email; once you have a number to dial, its as simple as making the call and listening for the response.

Can This be done on anyone?

Yes, energy is not bound to physical limitations of time, distance, language etc. Our bodies are simply vessels but the energy is free flowing and ever moving, meaning assessments can be completed on anyone, anywhere in the world at any given moment. Assessments can also be completed on animals, people of other languages or people who are physically unable to communicate such as babies or people who have mental/physical disabilities.

Choosing an Energy Healer...

I get asked frequently about the process of choosing the 'right' energy healer and my answer has always been "listen to your intuition". You want to choose someone who resonates with you and that you feel that instant comfort with. Many times, if you are new to this, you likely saw an advertisement or post somewhere or had someone referred to you, these to me are signs that you have been guided to this person. In your initial communication with the healer, ensure that you are asking all of the questions that you have so that you are fully aware of the services being provided. You want to feel comfortable with the person as this process will often bring about information that is sensitive and may have you feeling vulnerable. It is also extremely important to recognize that your healer is working from a space of love and truly wants to help you evolve; we are here to break old cycles and step into the new, so having someone who has the same vision for you is necessary.

A good reminder to add to this is that what works for one may not work for another, so if you are being referred to a healer by someone, like anything else, it may resonate with them but may not feel quite 'right' to you, listen to yourself and let your intuition guide you to the person you need to be working with.