Frequently Asked Questions


I want you to be as informed as possible throughout the process. Here are a few questions I've received in the past.

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What is Medical Intuition?

Medical Intuition is a form of energy healing and is not only a modality of healing but a lifestyle. It is built off the foundation that our cells store data which has been collected over our entire lifetime and this information is what creates our habits, behaviours and perceptions ultimately leading to how we operate on a daily basis. The ultimate goal in life is to process and understand each and every experience from a place of wholeness however, more often than not we tend to bypass one part of the equation whether it be the mind, body or soul which can cause disruption to our energy body as the process is incomplete.

Through the use of intuition we are able to tap into the frequency of the cellular body and interpret the information stored in the energetic body thus opening us up to communication on a deep, cellular level.

Energetic disruption occurs when the flow of energy is hindered and if unnoticed can manifest into a symptom shown on a physical level.

The key to Medical Intuition is to uncover the origin of what your energy body is presenting - even though you may be noticing it today, it may have been something that has been deeply rooted from an experience many years ago.

Once the origin has been discovered, healing can begin from the root, not only creating space for healing today but for an evolution in perception that you will carry with you, creating harmony and understanding moving forward.

Choosing an Energy Healer...

I get asked frequently about the process of choosing the 'right' energy healer and my answer has always been "listen to your intuition". You want to choose someone who resonates with you and that you feel that instant comfort with. Many times, if you are new to this, you likely saw an advertisement or post somewhere or had someone referred to you, these to me are signs that you have been guided to this person. In your initial communication with the healer, ensure that you are asking all of the questions that you have so that you are fully aware of the services being provided. You want to feel comfortable with the person as this process will often bring about information that is sensitive and may have you feeling vulnerable. It is also extremely important to recognize that your healer is working from a space of love and truly wants to help you evolve; we are here to break old cycles and step into the new, so having someone who has the same vision for you is necessary.

A good reminder to add to this is that what works for one may not work for another, so if you are being referred to a healer by someone, like anything else, it may resonate with them but may not feel quite 'right' to you, listen to yourself and let your intuition guide you to the person you need to be working with.


 How can Medical Intuition Benefit me?

Medical Intuition can be beneficial for anyone and everyone - there has not been a person to date that has not benefited from a deeper awareness about themselves and how they operate in relation to the mind, body, soul connection.

Whether you are transitioning through different phases of life, experiencing deep trauma or disease or are simply looking to come to a greater awareness of yourself, medical intuition can transform your journey. The body is designed to be a self-regulating system and through Medical Intuition we give space for healing and self-regulation to occur.

Transformation and healing can happen instantaneously when the origin is discovered and brought to awareness.

How can this be done from a distance with no information on the person?

Energy is a transferable commodity, it exists everywhere in our environment and is not bound to the limitations of time and space that our physical world is.

Much like the use of cell phones, emails, text messages - the energy and information being transmitted cannot be seen but is able to reach the person on the other end. As we set our intention to receive the information about our client we are essentially ‘dialing’ their phone number and creating the connection. This information can come quickly and can hold extreme amounts of value when we are receiving a lifetime worth of data.

 We have all had the experience of thinking about someone and suddenly they appear in one form or another, or the feeling of walking into a room filled with tension - this is the work of our energy field and if we allow ourselves the opportunity, we are able to tap into the frequency of these subtle energies that surround us each and every day.

Can This be done on anyone?

Yes, energy is not bound to physical limitations of time, distance, language etc. Our bodies are simply vessels but the energy is free flowing and ever moving, meaning assessments can be completed on anyone, anywhere in the world at any given moment. Assessments can also be completed on animals, people of other languages or people who are physically unable to communicate such as babies or people who have mental/physical disabilities.