Terms & Conditions


Ethics and Guidelines


It is extremely important that Perceptive Evolution maintain its trust with all of our clients. All information that is collected during the process of working together is kept under strict confidentiality between the client and Medical Intuitive.



Consent forms must be completed prior to an assessment being initiated and any information disclosed to third parties must be agreed upon by the client.

Assessments requested on behalf of someone under the age of 16 or who are unable to request their own assessment due to language barriers or inability to effectively communicate must have consent from a legal guardian or someone appointed to make requests on their behalf.

Client & Medical Intuitive exchange

All client and Medical Intuitive interaction is to remain strictly professional. The fundamental foundation of our business is to provide a safe space for both our clients and intuitives.  We operate on a zero tolerance basis for inappropriate language or gestures. Any breach of this will result in termination of services ongoing. 



Diagnosing & Medical terminology

Medical Intuitive Evaluations are not to replace advice or direction from Medical Professionals; Medical Intuitives  are not qualified to diagnose therefore, no such actions will be taken or presented in an Intuitive Evaluation. 


Refund & Cancellation policy

No refunds will be given once an intuitive evaluation has been requested.

If for any reason a Medical Intuitive is unable to complete an evaluation or session a new time will be scheduled to fulfill their obligation. 

48 hour notification must be provided for any changes or cancellations to in-person intuitive sessions. Anything under 48 hours is subject to a $40 fee.  



These reports are not intended to replace advice of your medical professional. They are intuitive evaluations based on the concepts of interpretation of energy in the human body and must be handled in such a manner. The intention of such reports is to aid in the process of overall understanding of human function and behaviour using intuition as an assessment tool.