It is our pleasure to work with so many wonderful people; through each encounter we grow, learn and fulfill our purpose.

Happy Clients


Lindsay was fabulous! She created a calm and relaxing environment and prepared the session with much detail about the process before starting. She came from a place of compassion and was able to help clarify unanswered questions.

Thank you for a unique experience!!

— Brooklyn

Going to Lindsay during times of uncertainty and heart ache, are one of my favourite methods in finding clarity and peace. Her ability to connect your current reality with you spiritual world is what allows me to find a common ground between the two, giving me a path to healing.

— Mehza

During my times of trouble Lindsay is someone I turned to for clarity. She is very intuitive and has made me feel peace and security in her practice. Lindsay is very thoughtful and caring of her clients which makes her a good healer. I would recommend her to anyone.

— Anika

Lindsay did a Medical Intuitive Assessment for me. It was a new experience and stepping "outside of the box". Through the written report and the verbal report, Lindsay presented her findings in a professional and understanding manner. She is an excellent communicator and was able to present the connection of mind, body and soul She provided and internal "life blueprint" for contemplation, reflection and action. Thank you!

— Barry


I first Contacted Lindsay regarding some tips on quitting smoking after all my attempts had failed. She replied that my smoking probably stemmed from a previous personal experience, and that a reading would be able to give me some insight as to why I would have started in the first place. To be honest I
was skeptical at first, how could a person that I have never met and lives two provinces away assess me?
A Google search, Facebook? Just by chatting with Lindsay I knew that her reading could be trusted and would be honest through her ability to complete the assessment. When receiving the final assessment, everything was explained very clearly in every section and after reading it over a few times I was amazed that Lindsay could explain exactly what my body was trying to tell me. This was very professionally done and there were even some lighter comments to encourage me to set out with my suggested daily routine. I have followed the suggestions that were given and a week after the reading I am feeling much more in tune with my body, and I have a positive start to everyday because of the list that Lindsay had made up for me. This has been a very positive experience for me and I am very happy I had a reading done.

— Jeff

I am blessed enough to know Lindsay personally and chose to reach out to her for a session in hopes that it might help deal with some road blocks in my life.  I approached with an optimistic attitude because Lindsay has always had the ability to speak truth into my life.  She is great at delivering eye opening and life changing advice in just a few words, usually without any previous knowledge of what might be going on. A session like this was stepping outside of the box for me, but I have zero regrets.  Lindsay performed a scan and gave me an assessment that brought light to several blocks I had created without even realizing.  I would recommend anyone who is trying to better themselves in any way to contact Lindsay!

- Becca